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Flying Training


Dear parents / Students

I am happy to note that your ward / you are keen to do flying training to become a Commercial Pilot. My past experience shows that some of the students who went abroad for flying were unable to realize their dreams due to lack of proper guidance and approach. I find several students are not able to clear DGCA Exams after their return, leading to serious implications. Their flying hour's recency for license starts lapsing and banks threaten to en - cash their pledged property to recover loans. There is no shortage of confused potential pilots in the market. Every one is out to make a quick buck by packing them off to all imaginable corners of the world. Many of them find Institutes on Internet or by word of mouth and land up there without knowing what they are getting into. Agents and ground schools are mushrooming with highly unprofessional people managing them.

With my background, I am looking to provide some professional solutions to the problems. After retiring from the Air Force, I had worked at IGRUA and have authored the Air Regulation and R/T books for CPL aspirants. These are well known books in Aviation. Based on my experience in the field, I advise the following steps for you to achieve your dreams with least trouble and with reasonable assurance for success. A step- by- step approach will also result in saving of costs in the long run.

  • Do a class I medical test before you start.We provide guidance and help in getting the things done in the right way.
  • Clear your Ground subject and R/T examinations before flying. We do conduct classes for these exams.
  • Decide on whether to fly in India. We do guide you to the most appropriate flying training Institutes.
  • Obtain CPL. Prepare for written tests and interviews for the job. We will guide you on these aspects.



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